Why Choose us!


Driving Instructor in Penrith, Blacktown, Mt Druit and The Hills District

20- Big Reasons To consider Efficient Driving Academy

  1. RMS accredited Driving Instructors & Member of NSW Driver Trainers Association.
  2. High Pass Ratio and always 90% plus scores in Test Results. 
  3. More than 18 years driving experience.   
  4. Familiar with RMS Test Routes.    
  5. We use personalised training techniques.   
  6. Instructors available from as early morning as 6 am to 9 pm (through out the week).  
  7. Great lesson packages available.    
  8. Pick up and drop off at a time and place that suits you​.    
  9. Our instructors have been trained to work with you on your areas of improvement to make the most out of your training session.  
  10. Expertise in 5 main Driving Skills which get checked in the driving test. 
  11. Pre-test 1 hour and even 2 hour  lesson available   
  12. Dedicated lesson plan available to learn Reverse Parking in a single lesson.
  13. Week-end appointments can also be make available on first come- first serve bases.
  14. We have the cheapest rates.    
  15. We have an excellent first time Pass Rates   
  16. Our "HAPPY CUSTOMERS" are the reason for our growth.
  17. We have Driving Instructor in Blacktown to cover all that area and its vicinity.
  18. We have a Driving Instructor in Castle Hill.
  19. We have a Driving Instructor in Penrith.
  20. Moreover, now we can arrange a driving instructor for Liverpool and Campbelltown areas as well.

Efficient's Driving Tips

Efficient Driving Tips

Efficient Driving Tips Below are some of the key fundamental tips we believe will help you become a safer and confident driver.  

* Always wear your Seat belts 

*Always obey speed limits  

*Scan the whole scene, always keep your eyes on the move to note changes (road scanning every 5 seconds)  

*Eyes on the road Hands on the wheel – Minimise distractions  

*Leave 3 seconds between your vehicle and the one in front to ensure there is enough gap between both vehicles  

*Always check blind spots to find out position of other vehicles  

*Come to a complete stop at a STOP sign or line   (within 1 meter for 3 seconds)

Apply Brake to slow down before pedestrian crossing whether there is anyone on the crossing or not to make sure cars behind you can stop if needed to be.


Did you know this? 

An hour lesson with an accredited driving instructor counts for 3 hours in the learner permit driver logbook. This allows a maximum of 10 driving tuition hours to be recorded as 30 hours