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Choosing a right driving instructor

My decision regarding How to choose the right driving instructor for me

For increasing odds to learn quick and safe driving a car, Choosing a good Driving Instructor is the first step. There are many dozen Automatic car driving instructors in Sydney. Compare to Auto car instructors near me, I can always find fewer Manual car driving instructors around me. One of the reasons for not as many manual car instructors is, perhaps, not as many manual cars on our roads. If I am to choose the best car driving school near me, or the best car driving instructor around me, what factors will I consider most? Moreover, how to choose the right driving instructor for me?

For a new car driving person, car learning to drive is nothing less than a big challenge. To gain your objective, you need the assistance of a good car driving instructor from a well-reputed car driving school. Again, for this, you start it by Choosing a good Driving Instructor in your local area. 

The best driving school comprises the best driving instructors. You don’t have to necessarily, travel too far to find the “best driving school near me”. 

New Learners ask a common question. Are all car driving schools near me, the best price driving schools? Accordingly, those new car drivers want to go for the cheapest driving lessons option.

Behold! and choose carefully

It may be the case; “where you are paying less, you might be getting less”, as well. Moreover, you don’t want to keep taking driving lesson classes forever. Remember, time is money. Of course, you would like to enroll in a quality driving school to have quick driving school classes, so as to pass a driving test on the first attempt.

Taking driving lessons from a professional driving instructor helps you a great deal, becoming a safe and confident driver. However, in the presence of an overwhelming number of driving instructors in your area (for example driving schools in Mount Druitt & Driving Instructors in the Mount Druitt area); how would you know which one is right for you?

What characteristics the best driving school Sydney should have? What should I be finding in the best driving instructor in Sydney? The following tips will help us find a good driving instructor in order to become a safer driver and thus, getting your driver’s license faster.

Good driving instructor Vs bad driving instructor

By Choosing a good Driving Instructor, your half the car learning job is almost done. During a car driving lesson, a good driving instructor always sniffs when his car learner student will need help. Because of his experience, he can tell if his Auto or Manual car learner student is nervous, stressed, or confidently driving a car. Therefore, he will immediately take the necessary steps to make learning a car from a driving school, experience pleasant and better.

On the contrary, a bad driving instructor will be mostly, unorganized and unprepared for the driving lesson in Mount Druitt and elsewhere. Other signs of a bad driving instructor in Penrith can be, always running late, being unable to communicate properly, and paying less attention to details.

 Mostly, if you review your would-be driving instructor’s profile, will be worthwhile before you book your driving lesson. This can surely, help you to learn to drive with confidence, dispelling your nervous car driving.

NSW – Working with Children Check

Working with Children Check- NSW is compulsory for all teachers and driving instructors. Only after the Working with Children Check, teachers are permitted to teach about how to drive a car to a new learner driver. It also assures that our sons and daughters are learning in a safer environment. Therefore, Choosing a good Driving Instructor incorporates in with Police Check and Working With Children Check. 

Meeting your learning goals

Good driving instructors give huge importance to their driving lesson and set a milestone for every single auto or manual driving lesson. Good driving instructor in Plumpton knows the needs of a learner with first time driving a car, an overseas license conversion, and a nervous car driver. Therefore, he will always prepare driving lesson plans beforehand.

 NSW Certified Driving Instructor

Please, make sure that your car driving instructor is a certified instructor from the Department of Transport, New South Wales. NSW certified instructor has his own driver instructor license from the Ministry of Transport, NSW.


To be honest, male or female driving instructors, are trained to teach the same way. They both hold the same qualifications.  However, at the end of the day, it is only a matter of personal preference. However, in some cultures or even for a few new females car driving learners, a female driving instructor gets extra weight. There is absolute, no harm to enquire about your preferences while considering a professional driving instructor among your local driving schools. Contact us, for more information about the male instructors for manual cars, male instructors for automatic cars, or even female ones.

 Choice of vehicle

You can choose to learn in either a manual or automatic transmission vehicle. Where a sedan shape makes you become the more confident driver to drive all kinds of cars, a hatchback car is easy to maneuver around and park.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter much, when you are choosing a local driving school and a local driving instructor. Though the vehicle has to be a dual control car for automatic car driving lessons. There can be a manual dual control car for driving lessons with at least clutch and brakes on the driving instructor side too; if not all the three; Accelerator, Brake, and Clutch.  Such safe driver learner cars enjoy high Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) ratings.

Dual Control car

Dual Control driver-learner car for extra safety

Finally, a driving school car must be comfortable for driving school lessons. Whether, it is driving school manual car learning, or a driving school automatic car learning, mechanically it must be super fit and friendly to drive.


Experienced driving instructors

An experienced driving instructor can have better judgment about the needs of a new car driving leaner, where to take them for the first driving lesson, for the driving test preparation, how many hours of car driving may be required, and other questions related to car driving lessons. Moreover, a well-experienced driving instructor can use easy techniques to teach you, as you learn to drive.

Moreover, a good Manual driving instructor in Penrith can incorporate defensive driving techniques in his lesson to make you become a more seasoned safe driver. You can increase your chances to stay safe on the road forever by choosing an appropriately qualified and experienced driving instructor in Penrith.


A good driving school instructor would understand well the significance of patience while teaching a new car learner driving student. In the learning process, a new learner-driver always commits mistakes. Therefore, a good driving school instructor would be the one with good patience and tolerance level. A good patience level keeps the learning environment healthy. As, you can learn quickly how to drive a car, under least stress.

Knowledge and Reliability

A professional driving instructor must have everyday knowledge about common issues regarding driving lessons. E.g. local RTA location, driving lesson hours, driving test hours, driving school online booking for driving lesson, driving test packages, if the driving school opens during the lockdown, basic safety features of the car, etc.

learner driver lessons

Knowledge about Road Rules, traffic signs, and Driving test

 Honesty Factor

Honesty is the best policy. An honest driving instructor can teach more in less time, (subject to the absorption power of his pupils). Thus, a professional auto car driving instructor or a Manual car driving instructor can result in saving lots of money and time. This makes the admission to a driving school worth it. Moreover, A great driving instructor is consistently keeping a track of his own driving lesson delivery approach. He will ask you time by time if you are understanding the driving lesson lecture. Moreover, he keeps getting feedback to enhance his driving lesson improvements.


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