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driving test tips

Driving Test Tips

Guaranteed Pass NSW- Driving Test Tips

For many students, there is nothing more knee rattling and palms sweating than a driving test experience. Therefore, it is important to elaborate on tips for driving tests. As, it will help us know, how to pass a driving test on the first attempt. Moreover, the purpose of this blog about driving test tips is, to dispel fear among our students and assist all new car learners to pass. In general, you can also use many of the following driving test tips, for your other everyday exams too.

In this context, the root cause of our driving test failure includes breaking the road rules and driving in unsafe manners. In our driving test tips today, we’ll be shedding light on most of the factors, shortly.

Usually, in our driving test in NSW, a driving car learner test candidate is made to drive for about 35 minutes. Moreover, a testing officer will take you to about 25 streets including main roads. Your driving test officer checks the following 6 aspects of your safe driving skills in every single street.

6 Aspects to test – Guide To Driving Test

Efficiently, when you heed our driving test tips, your chances to pass the test would go brighter.

  1. Speed Management
  2. Road Positioning
  3. Decision Making
  4. Hazard Perception
  5. Response to the hazard
  6. Vehicle Control skills.

Having said that, it is highly unlikely for a driving test candidate, not to commit any mistake at all. Moreover, to pass your driving test, you must score more than 89% marks with no critical driving mistake.

More tips for driving tests are discussed below where you could know in-depth about how to pass your driving test in the first attempt:


  1. Listen to your instructor

Firstly, our tip among practical driving test tips is to listen to the instructions of your driving instructor. At, Efficient Driving Academy, our driving test tips are professionals with plenty of teaching experience behind them. We conduct a mock test for our students; just before their final driving test. Our mock driving test enables them to visualize their strength and weaknesses in driving. Moreover, in the light of your driving instructors, you can easily achieve a driving test pass on the first attempt.

  1. Learn to drive in different weather conditions

It is important to learn how to pass the practical driving test. Therefore, our driving test tips suggest you drive in all the weather conditions as we don’t know what will it be like on our driving test day? Therefore, we must be confident in driving not only in sunny and rainy weather but also in fog. Apart from it, you must be confident in bad vision and night driving too.

  1. Don’t rush to get your driving license

This most important guide to driving test is for those students who want to go for their driving test asap. However, there’s no point sitting for your driving test until you’re 100% skilled and ready. Rushing to pass will only leave you:

  • Knockdown your confidence
  • Driving test fee loss
  • Your work/business day loss
  • Spoiled mood for at least the whole day.
  1. Choose hassall free time for driving test

Please book driving test time when you don’t have other commitments like assignments, meetings, and family commitments. Please, make sure to give it complete attention without worrying about other things in your mind.  Don’t book your test for a time when you’re likely to worry about other things on your mind.

  1. Choose where you want to take your test

Yet another tip among tips to pass your driving test is to select the areas for your test carefully. Do consider factors like traffic, busy peak hours, school zones, busy intersections, double-lane roundabouts, and more. Therefore, it is not wrong to choose your test location with a higher pass rate or relatively easy driving.

  1. Get to know your test routes

Please, remember these driving test tips. It is completely at the discretion of our driving test officer to take us to the major and minor roads, they like. Therefore, it is important to practice driving in the same area, where you want to have your test. This can help us gauge the traffic factor during those hours along with various hurdles present there.

  1. Go over your theory again

There can often be some time span between your Driver Knowledge Test and the practical driving test. Therefore, it is a good idea to go over your DKT online practice test. This refreshing knowledge can surely, give an extra boost to your driving test.


  1. Please recheck all the necessary documents required

Service-NSW can’t conduct dozens of driving tests simply, because of a lack of necessary documentation from our driving test applicants. Please, always recheck your documents. For example, Learner’s logbook (if applicable), pertaining driving License and driving application form, etc.


  1. Have a Pre-Test Driving Lesson

In our guide to driving test, we recommend our driving test candidates take a driving lesson on the day of their test if possible. As it can help you not only overcome your driving test day nervousness but also get answers to any driving-related questions that still stir your mind. Moreover, a pre-test driving lesson puts you in the right frame of mind for your driving test.


  1. Better use your instructor’s car for the driving test

Nothing better than using the car for the driving test that you feel comfortable driving. Our driving school cars have all the helping gadgets, including a reverse camera and additional side mirrors for parking support. If you are aware of dashboard controls, it can be even confidence boasting at the time of your driving test. e. g. air condition, windscreen wiper, and defogger.

In addition, Efficient Driving Academy cars are always safe, Road Worthy and comprehensively insured from all angles for our learner students.

  1. Sitting posture and mirrors


Please, set your side mirrors and rear-view mirror before you start your driving test. Moreover, make sure your sitting posture is comfortable. As, during a driving test, it can be highly unsafe to set them.

Please keep checking your mirrors regularly – once every 4-5 seconds as the road scenario keeps changing.

  1. Please be on time

Service NSW suggests being at the RMS office about 15 minutes before the driving test. It is important as you will need to fill up the driving test application, and prepare other necessary documents along with. Moreover, turning up well before time will start you off on the right foot.

On the contrary, arriving late can put you at risk of missing your driving test time slot. In addition, reaching RTA at the last moment can cause lots of stress and embarrassment. Furthermore, it is equally important to have a good sleep-in order to drive with full presence of mind. This is our first tip among the tips to pass your driving test.


  1. Ask your examiner to repeat, if you need


During the driving test, it is always helpful to request for repeating the instruction, if you could not hear properly. As it is better to hear again than doing wrong in a driving test. You may need to hear again especially when you are doing multitasking during reverse parking, and close to intersections.

  1. Please don’t presume that you’ve failed

Another important guide to driving test is, to behold that you have 10 small mistakes threshold. Moreover, 89% and more is still a Pass. Therefore, don’t stress and don’t develop negativity on yourself, during the driving test. For example, if your engine stalls; stay calm and restart the engine. It’s only a small mistake while your big success is still waiting for you. Do your best and don’t lose hope.


  1. Bonus tip! Listen to your testing officer at the end of the Test

The last among the practical driving test tips is that Irrespective of your driving test results, your driving test officer will give you the best driving advice that you’ll ever get. Please, listen to it carefully. This will help you become a more confident, and safe driver for yourself and your family.

Remember, there’s always more room to improve your safe driving skills.




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