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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, we come across our client’s enquiring heaps of questions. For example deals on driving lessons, about their age to start learning, etc. In addition, there are many driving packages related questions that need clarity in our client’s minds. Among FAQs below, we have tried addressing them too.

Moreover, click on the Quick And Efficient Links below to get the up to date information about driving test booking, driving lessons, and packages.

Another important question, that our clients ask from us is, Why should one learn Manual Driving? Why do you reckon, Manual Driving is a useful skill for learner drivers?

There are lots of great instructors out there to teach you automatic and manual car driving; though we highly recommend learning Manual.

Let’s shed some light on the benefits of learning to drive a manual car.

More Job Opportunities 

Having a manual license opens the door to greater job opportunities! It allows you to get a truck or heavy vehicle license if you wish to pursue your career in driving large vehicles.You’ll also be able to safely drive a manual Rikshaw in China, 4WD on hilly areas, bus, or even a tour vehicle that may open up more avenues for a lot more jobs.

Moreover, you won’t be stopped in your tracks by an inability to operate a manual car. All you need to do is type Manual instructor near me, in your google search bar, and choose your manual car driving instructor, from the list.

With a manual license, you can not only drive a Manual car but also an Automatic one. However, it doesn’t work the opposite way if you only know how to drive an automatic car. Manual driving simply opens up new avenues and prospects for a job.

A Wide Range of Cars

With manual car driving skills, you’ll be able to drive a wide range of cars from sports to 4WD. The choice is huge.

Visiting Overseas? Plan Your Hire Car Potential!

It is usually much easier to find and afford to hire a manual car in Australia if you’re traveling overseas. The idea of exploring new places with a bit more cash in your back pocket sounds amazing, isn’t it!

Moreover; Manual cars are also relatively less expensive to buy.

In case of Emergency!

If there’s an emergency where the only car at your disposal is one with the Clutch? With Manual car driving skills and with a proper Manual driving license; you won’t have to worry much and could get any vehicle that comes your way.


With our driving school, Efficient Driving Academy; we have Manual Driving instructors who are well qualified and have heaps of driving experience to help you learn and then pass your Manual driving test in less time. That way, it would be a lot more worthwhile having special manual driving skills.

Most amazingly, Manual Driving Lessons Sydney, has special deals on driving lessons now, for our new learner drivers. Another good news, our learners require Manual driving lessons Liverpool NSW can also take benefit from our Efficient Driving Academy. We also assign a manual driving instructor to train students requiring Manual driving lessons for full licence in Wetherill Park NSW.


  • How many driving lessons do I need?

Every learner’s speed of learning varies. However, our driving instructor will conduct the first lesson to check your existing driving skills, confidence level, and quick learning ability.

Only after that, you will get an idea of approximately how many driving lessons could make you get ready. Generally speaking, it takes about 6 lessons to make a new learner start driving with some confidence. Having said that; some learner drivers get to the same stage in about 15 hours of driving lessons.

  • Can a 16 years old,  get  Driver’s License in NSW?

Yes, you can. You must complete 120 supervised practice lessons including 10 Structured Driving lessons with a driving school. You also need to complete at least 20 hours of night driving out of these 120 hours of total driving to book a Road Test.

  • Do you conduct any mock tests as part of the preparation for the final driving test?

Yes, of course, our driving school also conducts Practice Driving Tests for the best preparation for finals. Though, people with Overseas licenses, only need a couple of lessons to brush up their skills for driving tests.

  • How can I book a driving test online?

Please, follow the link below:

  • When can I book my first driving lesson?

You can book your first driving lessons even the very day, you pass your DKT test to win Learner’s Licence. It is best to acquire your first few driving lessons from us in a professional and safe environment. Our driving lessons will help you boost your confidence and safety awareness.

  • Should I arrange my own car for driving lessons?

It’s completely your decision, however, for driving lessons in your own vehicle, your driving car must be roadworthy, clean, legally registered, and comprehensively insured.

If you wish to use your own car, kindly discuss with us before having your driving lesson. We endear our instructor’s safety, your safety, and people around us along with their properties. You may choose to select our driving school’s learner car that has dual brakes for added safety and, is comprehensively insured. Moreover, there is no extra fee for it!!

  • Do You have any Driving Test Packages?

Yes, we offer 3 different driving test packages; i.e $150, $195, and $225 that include 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours pre-test driving lessons respectively, along with

1. Pick-up and drop-off from your desired location

2. Driving Test last-minute tips to increase prospects of passing

3. Driving School’s vehicle for the driving test

For detailed information, please, select your pertaining area from Main Menu by clicking Service Areas. Moreover, Driving School Blacktown, Driving School Penrith, Driving School Castle Hill and, Driving School Richmond have prices mentioned there.

  • Can a new learner with a logbook be awarded 3 hours against every single hour of driving lessons?

Yes, If you are taking structured driving lessons from our driving instructor then you will definitely be awarded 1:3. It means you can acquire a maximum of 10 structured lessons and will be awarded 30 hours against them.

If you choose to do night driving (from sunset till sunrise), you could get 1 night hour and 2-day hours recorded versus every single structured hour lesson. Though, for the subsequent driving lessons, every hour will be equivalent to a single hour in your logbook.

  • Where can I start my driving lesson from?

You can choose any convenient location that suits you best. Our students mostly like to start from their residences, TAFE/schools, workplaces, RTA, or even train stations. Our driving instructors are flexible to accommodate all these locations.

  • What is the duration of your driving lessons?

The duration of our standard driving lesson is a minimum of one hour. However, you can book for up to 2 hours of lesson.

  • Can I change the pickup & drop-off address for my driving lesson? can. We serve Blacktown, Penrith, Richmond, and Castle hill areas. We can try to accommodate your request cheerfully, provided it’s within our service area.

  • How do I book an Auto / Manual driving lesson with you?
  1. Please call us on 0402388376 or
  2.  email at:
  3.  Moreover, on our website, we have a live chat option, where you can leave your contact details for our staff to contact you to take it further.
  • How can I pay for my driving lesson fee?

You can pay a fee in advance directly into our account using:

1. Mobile Banking Option: Mobile Number: 0402388376

2. Through Bank Deposit: Efficient Driving Academy BSB: 062339 Account: 11139254

  • Can I book to learn Parallel parking and 45/60/90-degree parking skills?

Yes, Of course, our driving Instructors teach everybody. Even if you are a full license holder and need to overcome your nervousness or want to master selective parking skills, you are most welcome. Even Automatic car drivers who want few lessons with Manual car driving can contact us for assistance.

  • How can I buy a driving lesson gift voucher?

Please get your gift vouchers here.Select the type, write down recipient contact details and pay the fee into our nominated bank account. You will receive your gift voucher by email straight away.

  • How long will my advance driving lesson booking credits last?

At Efficient Driving Academy, we generously allow 1.5 months from the date of purchase to use your advance booked driving lesson credits. If you wish to cancel the pre-booked driving lesson, you can apply for a 50% refund within 1 month from the date of purchasing driving lessons.

  • How can I practice online for my Driver Learner Test DKT?

Please click the link provided Driver Knowledge Test You can attempt DKT as many times as you like, with no fee at all.

  • Can I reschedule or even cancel my driving lessons?

If your circumstances have changed due to working hours or family commitments, you can surely call us to reschedule or even cancel. There is no cancellation fee provided, there is a 12 hours’ notice served. Otherwise, a 25% cancellation fee will be charged.

  • How can I Book Driving Lessons, if I need to Learn, How to Drive a Manual car?

You can book by Calling at 0402388376 Using SMS 0402388376 Through Email: At Efficient Driving Academy, our driving instructor is certified to teach you how to drive a manual car as well as an Automatic one.

Manual car driving is more common among tradies, sports car lovers, and people already have manual cars at their homes. People passing the Manual driving test can automatically qualify for Auto car driving too. Whereas, the inverse to it is not allowed unless you have an unrestricted license.

  • Where can I find some useful links about driving lessons?

Please, find quick links from the blog cited below:

  • Lesson Cancellation Policy in brief

In fact, lesson cancellation within 24 hours before the lesson time will incur 50% of the lesson fee as a penalty charge.

(i) hour lesson Cancellation fee = $22.5 (ii)hour lesson Cancellation fee = $45), Night lessons will be charged at $5/hour extra., Once the lesson has started, the fee will not be refunded; as it is all about our time and resources (car) reserved for the individual learner; though a learner can opt to stop receiving lessons at any time, please clear your concepts or issues regarding the lesson and the fee being charged before the lesson as our school will not be responsible for any of your misunderstandings.

  • More about Fee and Cancellation Policy

First, the $45/h Lessons package deal is valid up to 8 weeks from the date of purchase, Second, Fee $45/ hour only applies to Blacktown and, Mt Druitt areas. Moreover, the fee for all other areas is charged subject to distance and time it takes.; unless there is an announced special. Finally, please give us 24 hours’ notice for cancellations.

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