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Automatic Driving Lesson

People often jump to the conclusion that Automatic Driving Lesson is easier than learning the ‘complicated’ ins and outs of attempting manual driving lessons – which is not always the case.

Proper training by specialist driving instructors can teach best practices to make driving either transmission type a breeze.

Automatic driving

Learning to drive an automatic car is perhaps the ‘transmission of choice’ for many Australian drivers.

If you are keen to get from A to B and drive confidently on the road, learning to drive an automatic car will help you focus on the safety skills you need from the start…without getting bogged down in gears and clutches and how the car works!

Our qualified and friendly Efficient Driving Academy instructor will teach you all you need to operate an automatic car effectively.

And he will help you relax behind the wheel and enjoy the learning process. In automatic driving lesson You will learn how to be alert and aware of others and your surroundings and build your confidence on the road simultaneously.

Your instructor is there for you (and with you!) using our dual-controlled vehicles to ensure you are safe.

Giving practical advice & experience on how to drive safely in various everyday situations – from driving in the rain to handling an emergency vehicle situation when extra caution is required.

In each automatic driving lesson, we work on any concerns or fears you might have, providing helpful feedback and support at every step of your driving journey.

It is our utmost priority to equip you with each and every detail for you to drive comfortably and confidently.You should be well aware of all the signs…you can get your guidance here

At Efficient driving Academy, we aim to take the stress out of driving and to get you on the road as soon as you are ready. No pressure, and no yelling…

Remember – if you pass your automatic license, you may only operate an automatic car. If you learn to drive a manual car and pass this license, you can drive both manual and automatic transmission vehicles.

We can get you familiar and confident driving an auto or manual either way.A complete guide has been written just for you.

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