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Hazard Perception Test - Simulator

Pass Hazard Perception Test in NSW- 2022 – A Complete Guide

How To Pass Hazard Perception Test in NSW On The First Attempt

After completing your compulsory 120 hours of supervised driving lessons; the next step is to appear for your P1 Licence (also called Hazard Perception Test in NSW or simply, HTP). Only after passing the HTP test, one can appear for the final driving test. Therefore, a student must know, how to identify hazards on the road and how to properly respond to road hazards. Let’s discuss, what is hazard perception test and how to respond to hazards on the road as you encounter them?

What kind of test is the Hazard Perception Test in NSW- HTP

Hazard Perception Test in NSW (the HPT) is a touch-screen computer-based test. It assesses how nicely a car learner driver identifies and responds to various dangerous situations on the road. You can appear for HPT by booking it with your closest Department of Transport (Service NSW). Only after passing HPT, you can appear for your practical driving test for a provisional licence – Red P Plate.

HPT Booking and Fee information

The first step is to Book the HPT and pay the fee. Then, start your preparation. In the hazard perception test session NSW, there are 15 questions in form of videos consisting of various real-life hazardous situations on roads. Accordingly, you respond on the touch screen or by using a mouse, to those hazards as soon as you observe one.

In the HPT test, those real-time videos (sample attached) may show car dashboard information like travelling speed and indicator in use. All you need to do is, respond by clicking when to stop or start moving (subject to the scenario). All the visual questions will have time constraints. HPT is only computer-based. Thus, does not require you to actively control a vehicle at any time during the test.

How do I pass my hazard perception test – Tips to pass HPT

Like any other test you appear to, preparation beforehand makes driving lessons and test easier. That’s the best way to keep the HPT stress-free. Here, the first step is to correctly identify hazards around you, as you drive a car during day time or even a night. Alone this first step can make your HPT test incredibly easy. Here, your driving instructor can be the best person to teach, how to identify hazards? Moreover, at the end of the test, you will get to know what areas do you need to improve.

Consider the following points:

Take driving lessons with a driving instructor

A manual car driving instructor or an automatic car driving instructor leaves long-lasting effects with their logical and professional car driving instructions. The best driving instructor near you can teach better about how to identify and respond to potential hazards on the road. It is generally seen that a professional driving course from an automatic driving teacher is more beneficial than driving lessons from parents and friends, for example. That’s why, for every single driving lesson from a driving instructor Sydney, our government also awards a bonus of 3 hours on the logbook.

Additionally, our Auto driving instructors and Manual driving instructors deliver driving lessons on dual control driving lesson cars. This eliminates the stress of having an accident. Thus, a learner driver can focus more on identifying potential hazards on the roads. Learning from a driving instructor in Sydney can make you a more efficient and safety-conscious driver. Thus, by following our tips in “Pass Hazard Perception Test in NSW- 2022 A Complete Guide”, you can increase your odds to clear the HPT driving test on the first attempt.

Hazard Perception Test Simulator Programme

The Department of Transport NSW has an online Hazard Perception Test simulator program available to all learner driver courses. This simulator program contains a variety of HPT test questions as video clips that are very similar to the actual HPT exam questions.

Before you take the HPT test, keep practising with this HPT simulator video questions until you get them all correct This practical HPT drill on the computer simulator, will help you to pass on your first attempt.


Learn about how to identify a potential hazard on a road

One useful phrase, “expect, the unexpected” on the road, is what this topic is all about. Be aware of explicit hazards as well as implicit ones by paying more attention to details. An example can be:

  • While driving with your parents and elder siblings, observe how they react to certain hazardous road scenarios and imagine what would you do if you were the driver.
  • Wet weather results in reduced traction on the road. Therefore, applying brakes requires more distance to stop a car.
  • Fog especially in winters can deter our ability to see ahead over longer distances. It calls for reducing speed and turning on fog lamps of a car.
  • Flooding due to excessive rainwater or large puddles. It results in difficulty to keep full control of our car.

Learn how to prioritize Hazards now

In HPT, road hazards type include other drivers on the road, pedestrians, wild animals, incorrect use of signal lights, road obstructions, puddles, potholes, malfunctioning traffic signals and, wet weather road conditions. Moreover, please keep a track of your indicator and speed factor as you attempt HPT questions online.

The HPT test is simple and is designed to expose you to one specific road hazard at a time. The practical driving situations in HPT, are designed to gauge how quickly you can identify road risks or hazards and take appropriate action accordingly.

However, in real-life driving, you may require to deal with multiple hazards at the same time. For example, how to respond to a car crash or an accident? Here, you prioritise each hazard and quickly reach the conclusion to choose to face a smaller and relatively, least damaging hazard.

Another example can be when you see a bird on the road as compared to a large animal like a kangaroo or a human being while you’re driving at the maximum speed limit. Based on experience, the bird would fly quickly, as you approach closer. Whereas, for bigger objects, animals or a person, you will take a quick and well-calculated decision to avoid hitting and thus, causing any damage.

Stay relaxed

Our government has formulated the hazard perception test to gauge the speed, accuracy of your perception and decision-making skills. Therefore, is no need to stress over how you should actively control all aspects of your vehicle during the HPT.

HPT measures a milestone towards your driving license. Therefore, be alert for sudden hazards to show up on the screen. Please, don’t get in a rush to jump on the button for click and react. Having said that, reacting too late to a hazard is equally not correct. After all, this simulator test is all about real-time hazard scenarios that require quick judgment and decision with precision for safety. Wrong driving decision making, may result in a minor mistake as blocking the traffic, to a serious accident. For which, in terms of HPT, you may get a down point on the result score sheet.

No Alcohol or prohibited medication before the test

Before sitting for HPT, please make sure to stay away from alcohol or any medication that can hinder your quick decision-making skills. Because staying alcohol-free is the first step for the right path to driving safely. Your brain responds quickly when the body is not toxic-free.

Here it is worth mentioning that you better have plenty of sleep to turn up fresh for the HPT. This will make you feel fresh and help you perform quick decisions in HPT with precision.

During learner driver hours, when you drive thoughtfully, pay attention to your surrounding details and traffic behaviour, you find sitting the HPT to be a smooth and pleasant experience.

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