Lessons in Penrith,Blacktown,The Hills (prices and packages)

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Efficient Driving Packages are designed after an extensive market research.

 Our driving packages in Blacktown, The Hills District, Mt Druitt and Driving Lessons in Penrith are as:

Efficient Driving Rates

1 Hour Lesson                              $45

2 Driving Lessons                        $88   *** (Save $2)

5 Driving Lessons                       $220  ***(Save $5)

10 Driving Lessons                    $440    ***(Save $10)

20 Driving Lessons                    $880    ***(Save $20)

Minimum Training recommendations (From a Professional Driving Instructor) : 

Fresh Learner Driver (with little or no driving experience) - 15-20 lesson hours, to cover ALL 20 topics from log book & to establish good driving habits

 Learner with Mid level experience (40-70 hours driving experience) - 

10-15 lesson hours, to refresh ALL 20  topics & refine driving habits 

Experienced Learner Driver (80-100 hours driving experience) -  ​

5-10 lesson hours, to recap ALL 20 topics & work on 5 key driving skills to get test ready.

​Feel free to ask the instructor before or after your first lesson to make a recommendation on number of hours required by you, in their opinion, based on your observed driving ability and habits.


Efficient Driving Test Packages

Package-1                                                                                      $140

Include car pick up and drop off (1 Hour Pre-test Practice + Car Hire )

Package-2                                                                                      $185

Include car pick up and drop off (2 Hours Pre-test Practice + Car Hire)

Package-3                                                                                       $315

5 Hours Pre-Test Practice + Car Hire

*(This Package is suitable for Pretest Quick Preparation)



$45/h Lessons will need to be taken within 8 weeks of purchase.  

Payments via Credit card attract a 2.5% surcharge.


Please give us 24 hours notice for cancellations. 

Lesson cancellation within 24 hours prior to  the lesson time will incur 50% of lesson fee as penalty charge.

(1 hour lesson Cancellation fee = $22.5

2 hour lesson Cancellation fee = $45)


Night lessons will be charged at $5/hour extra.​

All rates and specials are applicable to private customers only.

Current Hot Deals

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