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Some Quick Links – Manual Driving Lessons

Some quick links for Manual Driving Lessons are mentioned below. Amazingly, they are equally useful for auto car learners too. You can easily, compare driving package prices of auto and manual car lessons. In addition, you can book a driving test online as well. Through these useful links, one can reach places on the web in no time.






Links for Driving Lesson Packages: (Auto & Manual )

Quick Driving links for our various driving schools for Auto and Manual car driving are mentioned below.

  1. Best Driving School Sydney  Manual Driving Instructor
  2. Best Driving Lessons – Blacktown – Auto and Manual
  3. Affordable Driving Lesson – Penrith
  4. Driving Instructor near me – Castle Hill
  5. Driving School near me – Richmond

Correct sitting posture makes us sit on the driving seat for a longer time. In addition, it increases our safety and reduces the prospect of an accident. Please consider sitting in such a way where your legs are not squished with the steering wheel and your thighs are relaxed. Please make sure that your knees are slightly bent. Locking your knees reduces circulation and can make you feel dizzy.

Sitting Posture Video – One of the best youtube


  • Manual Car Driving Tips
      1. First, Please, don’t ride the clutch.
      2. Second, don’t use the clutch to hold the vehicle still.
      3. Next, it’s better if you shift to neutral when stopped at the lights.
      4. Moreover, please, don’t rest your foot on the clutch pedal.
      5. Finally, don’t labor the engine. Easy way to learn Manual Car Driving
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