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Manual Car Driving

Manual Car Driving – Advantages

The Benefits of Manual Transmission Car Driving: Why Stick Shifts Shine

Unlock a world of driving excitement and control with Manual Car Driving  In a world increasingly dominated by automatic transmissions, understanding the manual transmission benefits, can enhance your driving experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned driver, understanding as to why stick shifts shine, can enhance your driving experience in ways you might not have imagined. Join us as we delve into the captivating realm of manual car driving and explore the unique benefits that make stick shifts shine.

Total Control on the Road

Manual car driving offers you an unparalleled sense of control behind the wheel. With a manual transmission, you have the power to dictate the precise moment when our vehicle shifts gears. This control not only enhances the driving experience but also allows you to adapt to various road conditions more effectively. Whether you’re navigation steep inclines, merging onto highways, or maneuvering through challenging terrain, the ability to select the optimal gear gives you a level of responsiveness that automatic transmission simply can’t match. It’s this connection between driver and machine that makes manual cars shine as true enthusiast’s vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Let’s shed some light on the benefits of learning to drive a manual car.


More Job Opportunities 

Having a manual license opens the door to greater job opportunities! It allows you to get a truck or heavy vehicle license should that be the path you wish to pursue. You’ll also be able to safely drive a manual Rikshaw in China, 4WD on hilly areas, bus, or even a tour vehicle that may open up more avenues for a lot more jobs. Moreover, you won’t be stopped in your tracks by an inability to operate a manual car.


With a manual license, you can not only drive a Manual car but also an automatic one. However, it doesn’t work the opposite way if you only know how to drive an auto. Manual driving simply opens up new avenues and prospects for a job.


A Wide Range of Cars

With manual car driving skills, you’ll be able to drive a wide range of cars from sports to 4WD. The choice is huge.


Visiting Overseas? Plan Your Hire Car Potential!

It is usually much easier to find and also afford to hire a manual car in Australia if you’re traveling from overseas. The idea of exploring new places with a bit more cash in your back pocket sounds amazing, isn’t it!

Moreover; Manual cars are also relatively less expensive to buy.


In case of Emergency!

God forbid, if there’s an emergency situation where the only car at our disposal is one with the Clutch? With Manual car driving skills and with proper Manual driving license; you won’t have to worry much and could get any vehicle that comes your way.



With our driving school, Efficient Driving Academy; we have Manual Driving instructors who are well qualified and have heaps of driving experience to help you learn and then pass your driving test in less time. That way, it would be a lot more worthwhile having special driving skills.



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